circus skills workshops for schools

circus workshopsCircus skills workshops for schools

A circus in school is a great way to involve everyone in a fun and exciting learning experience for children and teachers alike.

Blooming Circus have been performing and teaching circus in schools for over ten years and are available nationwide.

All our circus workshop tutors are full time professionals and have led circus workshops in schools ranging from nurseries and primary schools to secondary schools and colleges.      TEL : 077158 47691

circus skills workshops for schoolsWhat happens when Blooming Circus visit your school?

Your circus performers arrive punctually and looking smart to begin the circus day!

We kick start the day with a morning circus show to prepare everyone involved for the exciting day ahead.

A circus workshop day is conducted to a timetable planned around your specific needs

An optional assembly for the parents can be performed by the children to show off their newly discovered talents.. this is conducted and compered by our expert circus tutors.

During the Blooming Circus workshops the children will learn a range of skills through fun. Our circus workshops are easily adaptable to any size venue and any level of skill.

circus workshops for childrenWhat are the benefits:

The benefits of Blooming Circus workshops are vast.
Co-ordination, Balance,  Dexterity are the major areas that are stimulated.

Blooming Circus workshops have emphasis on creativity, confidence, teamwork and the importance of following instructions is highlighted.

We encourage the children to enjoy the process of learning new skills in a non-competitive environment where constant fun and achievement can be attained while the challenges gradually increase.


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